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Electrically conductive and absorbing epoxy development project

Posted 9/7/2015


There is 20 GW blocked wind turbine (WT) power in Europe pending for building permissions. The main reason to block is radar signal interference from WT farms to civil avionics, weather radars, and military radars. Releasing even the half of blocked amount of green energy, we can build together with partners sustainable electric power for decades.


Winden Ltd. has invented new novel water based epoxy material and coating structures to reduce RCS of wind turbines (WT), tower and blades, and radar signal scattering (shadow effect) behind the WT.

The invented material is based on CNT and it offers good electrical conductivity and ability to absorb radar signals. The project is TEKES (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) and privately founded 2 phase project. We are finalizing the 1st phase of material development.

Several patents are pending in Europe, US and Canada for the material, production and applications.
Second phase

Winden Ltd. is looking for field trial partner(s) for the second phase of the project. The aim is to build one full scale demonstrator using the coating material to reduce RCS and scattering behind the WT.

Please contact Winden Ltd. for more information of the opportunity.